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We have decided to blog our adventures again. So much has changed since we last blogged. Bella and Shiloh both went to their forever homes and they are in wonderful families. June Bug got adopted. We quit fostering dogs after those adoptions because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. We quit doing therapy dog work because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. Tanker passed away June 9th, 2013. We adopted a senior border collie named Shania Tankerbelle in his memory. We still have our two cats, Sweet Pea and Little Bit. Wes has started rescuing pitiful bettas from Wal-Mart and we currently have seven. We have a camper. We camp. We have focused on giving our animals the best lives possible. We are The Foster Zoo Crew and we like to have fun.

Monday, May 23, 2011

MCM Historic Half full of surprises

The therapy dogs were mentioned in this article about the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon.  It was very neat to be a part of this event.

MCM Historic Half Full of Surprises
Heidi Cox
DC Women's Health Examiner


It was a cloudy but exciting day last Sunday when the Marine Corps Historic Half welcomed 5,679 finishers including runners from all 50 states to the finish line in Fredericksburg, VA.    A law student, Lanni Marchant (27), from Lansing, MI, set a new course record among the women by completing the Historic Half in 1:21:27.

The MCM Historic Half  promised a thrill to all since news that Drew Carey announced he would be running his first half marathon. He was pleased that he reached his goal and better with a time of 1:57:02.  Carey enthusiastically welcomed the runners and shot off the gun before running the race himself moments later.

Having been a competitor in this race last year, I had a unique perspective Sunday as a volunteer handler for MCM Miles the mascot as well as a reporter for the DC Women's Health Examiner. Miles and I were at the end of the race, greeting everyone and taking pictures for their memories with the MCM dog.

Beyond Drew Carey and the top runners, there were many stars among the crowd. People of all ages pushed themselves to complete the 5K or the half marathon. Jodi Vangeison supported her daughter Rachel's first half marathon by running with her and crossing the finish line, together while holding hands. I congratulated another proud mother who finished after pushing their child in a stroller through the race.  Two young boys happily ate their bagels while they sat on the curve after running the 5K running with their parents. When I asked them if they were tired, they simply replied, "No, just hungry."

I introduced you to Delaney Galbraith in my article last week, a 5th grade student from Moncure Elementary running her first half marathon with her mom. Delaney finished strong ahead of her mom with a time of 2:13:37. When I asked Delaney about Hospital Hill, she responded: "It wasn't bad at all. I entered this race because I wanted a challenge." Delaney plans on running the Marine Corps Marathon when she is old enough to enter. For now, she will keep running in races that allow her register at her young age.

The Historic Half welcomed other fun visitors. Several therapy dog handlers were in attendance, walking their dogs among the crowd to educate people on the role of the special dogs. Many work with children in the local schools to support the children while they are learning to read in addition other programs. Junior Teen Miss Virginia Davina Seiparsan was also in attendance greeting the runners and their families.

The MCM Historic Half is more than a large group of runners trying to finish a race in their best time. It is a life event for individuals and families, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones to achieve something that they have set a goal to accomplish.

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