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We have decided to blog our adventures again. So much has changed since we last blogged. Bella and Shiloh both went to their forever homes and they are in wonderful families. June Bug got adopted. We quit fostering dogs after those adoptions because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. We quit doing therapy dog work because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. Tanker passed away June 9th, 2013. We adopted a senior border collie named Shania Tankerbelle in his memory. We still have our two cats, Sweet Pea and Little Bit. Wes has started rescuing pitiful bettas from Wal-Mart and we currently have seven. We have a camper. We camp. We have focused on giving our animals the best lives possible. We are The Foster Zoo Crew and we like to have fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyday Is An Adventure! (blog from 5/11/11)

Today was a big day for all the dogs.  TnT (Tanker and Topher) had eye appointments this morning at South Paws in Springfield.  This was a free service offered to them for being a therapy dog.  They had their eyes dilated and looked at by a canine ophthalmologist.  Topher was not crazy about the light shining into his eyes.  Tanker did not care.  Both Tanker and Topher's eyes looked good.  Tanker has a growth on his eyelid that needs to be removed.  We've known about it for a while, but have hesitated to have it removed because we're nervous about him going under anesthesia with his epilepsy.  We are going to think about it for a while and weigh the pros and cons to having it removed right now.  It's not currently causing problems, but it could scratch his eye if it grows bigger.  Topher and Tanker will get their eyes rechecked for free again in a year.  This service is free to all service and therapy dogs. 

Vet: "Topher, tell me the smallest bones you read."
Topher: "Bone, bone, bone, bone....mmm, bones!!!"

Topher and Tanker went to work with Wes last night because they had to be at their eye appointments at 8:00.  Bella, Shiloh, the cats, and I held down the fort here at home.  Bella and Shiloh are doing better and better everyday.  They are getting on a better sleep routine.  They slept off and on over night, but I tried to keep them up because I wanted them to be tired during the day when Wes had to sleep.  If you have ever had puppies, you know that when they want to sleep, they'll sleep, and when they want to play, they'll play.  There is not much you can do to change their mind.  They did really well though.  They have had no accidents in the house since we first brought them home.  They learned very quickly to go outside.  We put puppy training pads out and they have used them twice when they couldn't make it outside.  They are smart girls.  When they don't potty on them, they sleep on them!  Blondie did the same thing when she was a puppy.  Most of the time though, they curl up together.

Play time over.  Time to recharge.

Wes went to Wal-Mart and bought the puppies more squeaky toys and chew toys.  Puppies need toys to keep from driving their owners crazy and to keep them from chewing things like the back deck, blankets, and doorstops.  We have been spraying Bitter Apple on the things they want to chew.  Currently, my pants and slippers have been coated in Bitter Apple a couple of times.
Dad could not go to Wal-Mart without buying me and Tanker toys too.  Tanker got a bag of tennis balls and I got a squawking duck out of the deal.  I love my new squawking duck very much and I have already drenched it in kisses.  -Topher

When Wes got home, we went to bed.  The puppies did really well.  Tanker and Topher lay in their beds on the floor, Shiloh lays on our bed with us most of the time, and Bella lays either on our bed or on the floor.  She sometimes sleeps in the crate next to the bed.  When I woke up at 1:00 this afternoon, Shiloh was sleeping in the funniest place.
My sister is laying in the crate, so I decided to lay on top and make it a bunk crate.  Life is too short to not make it fun.  -Shiloh


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