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We have decided to blog our adventures again. So much has changed since we last blogged. Bella and Shiloh both went to their forever homes and they are in wonderful families. June Bug got adopted. We quit fostering dogs after those adoptions because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. We quit doing therapy dog work because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. Tanker passed away June 9th, 2013. We adopted a senior border collie named Shania Tankerbelle in his memory. We still have our two cats, Sweet Pea and Little Bit. Wes has started rescuing pitiful bettas from Wal-Mart and we currently have seven. We have a camper. We camp. We have focused on giving our animals the best lives possible. We are The Foster Zoo Crew and we like to have fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Weekend of R&R

Wes had a three day weekend, which is always nice.  We always have big plans when he gets a few days off, but this time it just didn't happen.  Wes has been exhausted and is still dealing with a lot of pain from the Lyme Disease.  With the warmer weather, my pain and fatigue increases, so between the two of us we do what we can.

The puppies keep growing and growing.  Bella has grown out of her old crate and we had to get a new one.  We found a great deal for a crate on Craigslist down in Fredericksburg.  Bella is much more comfortable now.

Bella in her old crate.  "Mom, this is not comfortable at all."

Bella in her new crate, which is the same size as Shiloh's.

We went down to Bella Cafe on Saturday night.  It is our favorite place and most of our closest friends are from Bella.  One of the regular performers had a show and we enjoyed listening to her music.  We sat and chatted with some new friends.  Because we are so tired all the time, we were in need of a good cup of Bella coffee.  Wes likes to romance me with Love Potion #9 and he occasionally gets mint mocha.

After the regular show, the crowd cleared up and Will closed up a little early.  There were two new customers who had come here from New Jersey and North Carolina.  They came to run a marathon.  They both used to live in New York where you can regularly walk down the street and listen to live music.  When they drove by Bella Cafe with the sign for live music, they stopped.  They were the nicest people.  Will, the giving person he is, gave them free CDs and put on a private show for them.  He asked Wes if he would play Turn the Page with him and then he played with Rebecca.  Wes hasn't played guitar since before we went to Alabama and before he contracted Lyme Disease.  His hands have been too stiff and he has been too fatigued.  He picked up the guitar and did a great job for his first time back on stage.

Wes wore his new shirt from Goodwill.  We love shopping at Goodwill.  He doesn't normally wear shirts like this, but he said it was appropriate for a $3 shirt.

The rest of the weekend was spent resting up and being lazy.  Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy life by sitting back and soaking up the good of it all.

We hired some guys from our neighborhood to landscape our yard.  Wes cannot do it right now because he can't be out in the sun for long with the medicine he's on.  Plus, he's tired and he hurts.  We had to have a couple of small trees taken down.  One had been hit by lightening and was dead.  We had all the brush cleared out of the backyard.  All the leaves were cleaned up.  We are going to have them put mulch down in the back because it's too shady to grow grass.  They are cleaning up the front and the creek. 

The dogs love the cleared out back.  They have been running laps over and over again.  Once it's all done, it is going to be a great place to train them.  I love how much more open it is.

While sitting out back and relaxing, I started stressing over life.  All of a sudden, John showed up to tell me it's going to be okay. 

We walked the dogs down to the river today.  It was beautiful and cool outside.  I have had the windows open all day.

Topher lays down in the same spot every time we go for a walk.  It's right at the end like he is saying, "I don't want to go home.  I want to keep walking.  Please don't let the fun end!"

Lastly, I created a video of Blondie.  She is our inspiration for training dogs.  There are a lot of repeated pictures in the video and I need to edit it.  You can see the cool dog that she was.


  1. Thank you, as always... Linda

  2. Me, again. Was rereading the previous post.

    When I was involved with rescue, I would often hear the phrase "bonded pair." I see it when I follow petfinder or local rescue listings. When I see Bella and Shiloh, it's my first visual of the expression. It is what I think of immediately whenever I see them. Love your Zoo Crew and you and Wes for all you do for the crew and your human encounters.

    Linda, me again 8)


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