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We have decided to blog our adventures again. So much has changed since we last blogged. Bella and Shiloh both went to their forever homes and they are in wonderful families. June Bug got adopted. We quit fostering dogs after those adoptions because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. We quit doing therapy dog work because Tanker's epilepsy got bad. Tanker passed away June 9th, 2013. We adopted a senior border collie named Shania Tankerbelle in his memory. We still have our two cats, Sweet Pea and Little Bit. Wes has started rescuing pitiful bettas from Wal-Mart and we currently have seven. We have a camper. We camp. We have focused on giving our animals the best lives possible. We are The Foster Zoo Crew and we like to have fun.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Therapy Dog Training Note: Lowes

 I am making up for my lack of note writing by writing a second note for the day.  Lowes was so exciting that I just have to share.

Topher and Tanker did FANTASTIC!!!!!  Topher kept his attention on me the entire time.  He was not nervous at all.  He did better in Lowes than in Petsmart.  I guess because there were no other dogs there.  He didn't get scared of anything.  Carts rolled past him, lumber was being stacked, people walked by...he didn't care.  He heeled the entire time on a loose leash.  Everytime I said his name, he looked up.  Everytime I said sit, he sat.  Everytime I said down, he downed.  Everytime I made him stay by himself, he stayed by himself.  I honestly could not have had a more perfect experience with him than I did tonight.  I am very, very proud of him. 

Wes says:  Tanker did great!  He listened to me very well.  He was a little curious about some things, but was not scared.  He couldn't quite figure out the mirror.  He wagged his tail and wanted to play with the dog on the other side.  Then he went around to the other side to see where the dog was since he couldn't smell him.  I cracked up watching him.  He did really well.  He was Tanker.

How many dogs can say they have downed and stayed in Lowes? Only cool ones like me and Tanker.

Yup, I am cool.

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